"After evaluating a number of systems, we felt that ECT has the best electrical solution. The other packages didn't do all the things we require."
- Sheridan Riplinger, Drives and Systems Division, MagneTek

"The typical railway passenger car includes almost four miles of wiring and tens of thousands of terminations, due to every sub-system on the car being in some way electrical in nature. Without the intelligence promis•e brings to schematic diagram development, the process took an average of three months to complete. With promis•e, complete car body wiring documentation projects are now measured in days, not months."
- John McFadden, Rail Operations Manager, NCDOT Rail Division

"We are implementing the use of promis•e for design, system documentation and configuration management for (NASA's) Stennis Space Center large propulsion engine testing facilities. This includes data acquisition systems, PLC controls and electrical controls. The results have been rather outstanding... I don't know how they survived without it."
- Joe Gurneck, Lockheed Space Division

"Our evaluation showed that promis•e could handle our custom computerized controls. We used to have generic drawings that contained every option for our control systems. With promis•e we're able to generate contract-specific wiring diagrams. It also gives us better checking on new control designs. We're saving a lot of heartaches by finding errors early."
- Dan Evans, Product Engineer, Thyssen Dover Elevator

"For years while working for a systems integrator, I studied the merits of promis•e as a means of eliminating the confusion and inconsistencies that arise during the construction process. I was not able to sell this idea of improved productivity to management because, after all, we had someone on staff to create drawings. Now that I own my own systems integration company, we do use promis•e. We can achieve more reliable results, with a drastic reduction in production handholding and rework, and not require 'someone on staff to create drawings.' We are in the business of designing automated systems for manufacturing companies, so we manage the design, provide the connections that are necessary, and let promis•e handle the routine tasks that only a computer can do well. This leads to improved efficiency in much the same way that a word processor allows an engineer to write a report based on a template. Despite the size and complexity of our drawing sets, the automatic details have minimized the calls for help that we receive. This, again, leads to greater time efficiency. It helps greatly that I can save the entire set of drawings as individual AutoCAD files. This allows me to easily send a drawing set to a customer or fabricator."
- Monte Robinson, P.E., Robinson Engineering, Inc.
Seaford, VA, (757) 890-2728

"The fact that promis•e automatically cross-references parent/child symbols eliminates about 60 percent of the mistakes that were made in previous projects where the cross references were done manually. In the past, as pages were added in the middle of a project, all the cross references on pages that moved had to be updated one by one. Not only is this time consuming, especially in large projects, but there were always cross references that were missed or typed incorrectly. With promis•e, the accuracy of our drawings has increased dramatically. Learning the software was pretty easy. I had not used the software prior to attending the training course at ECT. Immediately after the course I was able to do just about anything that I needed to do. With just the manuals that come with the software I could have taught myself in a couple of weeks."
- Mark Bishop, EPD International, Ltd.
formerly Electronic Power Design International, Ltd.