Version 3.0
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Expert guidance in analyzing your research

SigmaStat ensures that you :

  • Use the proper statistical method to analyze your data
  • Avoid the risk of statistical error
  • Interpret the results correctly
  • Generate an appropriate display and a professional report

Be sure you've analyzed your data correctly. And save time, too!

SigmaStat features make analysis fast and easy
The Advisor Wizard guides you in correctly analyzing your research findings. It:
  • Asks a few basic questions about your research
  • Suggests the appropriate statistical test

Then SigmaStat:

  • Checks your data against the test's underlying assumptions
  • Suggests another test, if your data violates any of original test's assumptions
  • Provides a report interpreting the results, in terms you can understand
SigmaStat Report Editor

You can navigate through this report, and then edit and print it just as you do any document created with word processing software.

SigmaStat Report Graphs

Instantly visualize the results of your analysis by clicking on one of the pre-selected graphs types suggested by SigmaStat.

SigmaStat Graph Wizard

Create graphs in a variety of formats, without reformatting your data. Then customize them, using SigmaPlot editing tools. Create :
  • Point plots
  • Box plots
  • Bar charts and histograms
  • Scatterplots
  • Step plots
  • Survival curves
  • ...and more
Access to SigmaPlot

Share files between SigmaStat and SigmaPlot, the leading software application for scientific graphing. (Requires SigmaPlot 8.0.2)

  • Change details of your graphs using SigmaPlot's editing tools, including the Graph Properties dialog, tool palettes and text toolbar
  • Avoid having multiple files with the same data
Designed by scientists, for scientists

SigmaStat is used by thousands of research scientists worldwide to:

  • Compare effects among groups, including before-and-after or repeated measures studies
  • Conduct survival and reliability analyses
  • Analyze rates and proportions
  • Perform regression and correlation analyses
  • Calculate power and sample size