Version 6.1
IDL is the ideal software for data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development. IDL combines all of the tools you need for any type of project, from "quick-look," interactive analysis and display to large-scale commercial programming projects. Thousands of technical professionals use IDL every day to rapidly develop algorithms, interfaces, and powerful visualizations and quickly crunch through large numerical problems.

From data to solutions - get there faster with IDL
IDL Intelligent Tools
Introduced with IDL 6.0, IDL Intelligent Tools, or iTools, are interactive utilities that give you the power to quickly and easily perform ad hoc data analysis and visualization and produce stunning, presentation-quality graphics. With IDL 6.1 the new iMap tool joins iPlot, iContour, iSurface, iImage and iVolume to deliver unprecedented functionality and ease of use for those who prefer a more “application-like” interface for IDL. IDL 6.1 also includes enhancements that allow users to define and apply visualization “styles,” record and play back macros, view detailed audit trails and create resizable graphics for printing, reporting and use in popular software applications.
IDL Virtual Machine
Starting with IDL 6.0, anyone with an IDL development license can freely distribute compiled IDL code using the new IDL Virtual Machine (VM). This free, cross-platform runtime utility requires no licensing or runtime fees. With IDL 6.1 IDL VM will run directly from the IDL Windows CD. New IDL features have also been introduced to give IDL VM developers abilities previously only available through the EXECUTE function.
JPEG2000 Support
IDL 6.1 includes read and write support for the popular JPEG 2000 compression format, giving researchers and software developers a powerful new method to efficiently store and handle large image files. The JPEG 2000 support in IDL also allows IDL users to access, manipulate and edit image data while the images are still in compressed form.
DICOM File Support for Medical Imaging
Physicists and radiologists in the field of medical imaging have relied on IDL for years to help them get more information from their nuclear medicine, CT, ultrasound and MRI images. In conjunction with the IDL 6.1 release, RSI is releasing the new IDL DICOM Toolkit™, an add-on module for IDL that gives users the ability to read and write DICOM files using IDL.