Version 4.0
ENVI is the ideal software for the visualization, analysis, and presentation of all types of digital imagery. ENVI’s complete image-processing package includes advanced yet easy-to-use spectral tools, geometric correction, terrain analysis, radar analysis, raster and vector GIS capabilities, extensive support for images from a wide variety of sources, and much more.
Orthorectification of IKONOSand QuickBird
Create images with precise positional accuracy and uniform scale using ENVI’s new RPC orthorectification tools for IKONOS and QuickBird images
Improved Vector Attribute Handling
Select multiple, non-adjacent vector records within a vector attributes table. Perform vector queries from the attributes table. Save records selected in an attribute table to a new vector layer or ASCII file
Decision Tree Tool
Combine information from multiple datasets into one classification using the new binary decision tree classification tool. ENVI's decision tree tool provides an interface for constructing the decision logic created in other applications. Interactively modify decision rules while viewing both the decision tree and the resulting classified image.
Improved Mosaicking
Automatically color balance images in a mosaic to minimize the appearance of seams between images. View color images in the mosaic preview display, for more realistic mosaic previews. Change the output projection for georeferenced mosaics during the mosaicking process.
New Pan Sharpening
Sharpen spectral imagery using two new pan-sharpening options. Gram-Schmidt spectral sharpening and PC spectral sharpening more accurately preserve the information from the original images in many cases.
Atmospheric Correction for Thermal Imagery
Correct thermal imagery, such as ASTER, MASTER, and SEBASS data for atmospheric effects.