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Our Most Powerful Spreadsheet Optimizer

Frontline Systems is excited to offer the new Premium Solver Platform Version 5.5 for all recent versions of Microsoft Excel. The Premium Solver Platform is our "flagship" spreadsheet optimization product -- the most powerful Solver we've ever offered. It has all the features of the Premium Solver and much, much more.

The Premium Solver Platform is an upwardly compatible extension of the standard Microsoft Excel Solver, with capacity to solve much larger problems -- up to 2,000 variables -- at speeds five to twenty times faster than the standard Solver. And the Premium Solver Platform is expandable with Field-Installable Solver Engines to handle problems of virtually unlimited size -- currently up to 100,000 decision variables for quadratic and nonlinear problems, and up to 200,000 variables for linear programming problems!

Version 5.5 is a "watershed" release that dramatically increases the power of the Premium Solver Platform by replacing the core of Microsoft Excel -- the formula recalculator -- with a new Parser and Interpreter that saves you effort in building models, and greatly increases the speed and accuracy of virtually all Solver engines.

Powerful for Professionals
  • LP/Quadratic Solver Handles Problems up to 2,000 Variables -- Faster than Ever with New Dual Simplex Method
  • GRG Solver Handles Smooth Nonlinear Problems up to 500 Variables, Finds Global Solutions Using Multistart Methods
  • Interval Global Solver Handles Global Optimization Problems, Finds All Solutions to Systems of Nonlinear Equations
  • Hybrid Evolutionary/Classical Solver Handles Non-Smooth Problems up to 500 Variables, with Hundreds of Constraints
  • New "Alldifferent" Constraint Eases Solution of Problems Involving Ordering and Permutations
Fully Compatible
The Premium Solver Platform is 100% upwardly compatible with the standard Excel Solver. It replaces the standard Solver and appears when you select the usual Tools Solver... menu choice. You'll see a familiar Solver Parameters and Solver Options dialog with many new features. Your existing models can be solved with no changes, faster and more easily than before -- even if you use the new Evolutionary Solver or a Field-Installable Solver engine! And your VBA code that uses the standard Solver will work as-is with the Premium Solver Platform.
Greater Speed and Capacity
You'll be able to solve general nonlinear problems with two and a half times the number of decision variables and constraints -- and the more common linear and integer problems with ten times the number of variables (up to 2,000) and no limit on constraints. Just as important, larger problems which took minutes to solve with the standard Solver will often run from five to twenty times faster. Speed gains are especially noticeable on nonlinear problems of all kinds, and on linear problems with integer constraints.
Fast Problem Setup
Larger models which are linear problems often spend most of their time in problem setup, then reach a solution quickly. The Premium Solver Platform will give you an immediate speedup -- often completing problem setup in half the time. But with a little work in designing your model to use certain common functions (like SUM and SUMPRODUCT), the Premium Solver Platform can give you a really awesome speedup -- as much as 100 times faster!
More Robust
The Premium Solver Platform performs better on difficult models, too -- including those which are harder to solve because they involve both very large and very small values, such as a financial model with dollar amounts in millions and rates of return in percent. It automatically rescales both linear and nonlinear problems, and offers improved stopping conditions for nonlinear problems where the standard Solver stops due to slow improvement in the target cell.