PSpice ® simulator is an advanced and full-featured simulator for serious analog designers. With its sophisticated internal models, you can simulate everything from high-frequency systems to low-power IC designs. You can draw using the large library of models for off-the-shelf parts, or create models for new devices from their data-sheets. It has also feature to fully understand and explore the relationships in your design with “what if” scenarios and design analysis.

PSpice ® A/D is a sophisticated, native mixed-signal simulator and a superset of PSpice. Use it to simulate mixed-signal designs of any size, containing analog and digital parts ranging from IGBTs and pulse width modulators to DACs and ADCs. View your simulation results, both analog and digital, in the same window and on the same time axis.

PSpice ® Advanced Analysis is an option to PSpice and PSpice A/D that takes your design beyond simulation. Advanced Analysis brings together several features that can help you improve design performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. These features include new Sensitivity and Monte Carlo Analysis, an entirely redesigned Optimizer with multiple engines, and Smoke (stress) analysis.