Forecast Pro, the leader in Business Forecasting, is easy to learn and easy to use. It does not require a background in statistics or forecasting. You provide the historic data and Forecast Pro does the rest. The built-in expert selection system analyzes your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique, builds the model and calculates the forecasts--it even explains its reasoning in ordinary English!

It also provides complete custom modeling capabilities and the diagnostic tools to get the job done. Thus use of Forecast pro will improve forecast accuracy, save time and money, improve planning, cut inventory costs, decrease stock-outs and increase customers’ satisfaction.
Forecast Pro - The Market Leader
Forecast Pro is the clear market leader with over 15,000 companies in 84 countries using the package. A recent Institute of Business Forecasting survey placed Forecast Pro's market share at 32%, outselling its closest competitor by a margin of over 4 to 1.
Forecast Pro includes:
An expert system that chooses among the following five classes of forecasting models to satisfy all mainstream business forecasting needs.
  • Simple Methods - For very short or extremely volatile data, Forecast Pro includes moving average models.
  • Curve Fitting - Forecast Pro supports four types of curves - straight line, quadratic, exponential and growth. (Standard and XE only)
  • Low Volume Models - Croston's Intermittent Demand model and discrete data models are provided to accommodate low volume and "sparse" data.
  • Exponential Smoothing - Twelve different Holt-Winters exponential smoothing models are provided to accommodate a wide range of data characteristics. The robustness of exponential smoothing makes it ideal when there are no leading indicators, and when the data are too short or volatile for Box-Jenkins.
  • Box-Jenkins - For stable data sets, Forecast Pro supports a multiplicative seasonal Box-Jenkins model. The model can be built completely automatically or interactively using a full range of screen-oriented diagnostics.