BEYOND SIX SIGMA -- Most Significant Release in Twenty Years
One may call it the taste of India. The software available in the world market for Quality Analysis and Six Sigma, today, are all from foreign Countries but if you are using SYSTAT 11 you may proudly say, Its Indian and that’s why its beyond Six Sigma.

In recent concluded Strategic summit in NEW DELHI and MUMBAI, the corporate praised the recent release of SYSTAT as exceptional. Following are some extravagant feature why SYSTAT is in middle of the discussion among SIX SIGMA people.

Revamped User Interface
SYSTAT 11 comes with a thoroughly revamped user interface with increased customization of Menu, Spaces, Toolbars, etc. The menu bar has been reorganized to include two new items --- Utilities and Monte Carlo --- and with Statistics menu item renamed as Analysis. It can now import of new data formats like StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, MINITAB and S-Plus.

Many existing dialog boxes have been reorganized so that additional settings are tabs instead of additional dialog boxes. All mouse functions have keyboard alternatives.

Improved Online Help
Dialog box items have new, interactive "what's this" help descriptions. New online HTML and context-sensitive help are available. Extensive tool tips are provided. All dialog box input fields show range value in the tool tips. Dialog boxes with limited parameter entries now come with multiple entries; entries can be added or deleted by the user. Individual command files are provided in the SYSTAT directory for over 500 examples in the manual; with simple modifications to suit their data sets, users can run similar analyses effortlessly.

Graphics with Improved Quality and Interactivity
SYSTAT 11 now makes use of Microsoft's 16M color palette. It provides for more graph customization and improvement. Its new interactive Graph Editor lets you display each individual element name (e.g. Line, Plot, Histogram, X-axis Legend etc.) on moving the mouse over the editor. Interactive aesthetic change (Line style, Fill Style, Font & Color) of each element is now possible while editing by a right-click. Editing text is done by double-clicking the text elements. The coordinate system can be changed, axes can be set, grid-lines can be hidden or shown, interactively.

Different formats for legends and changing the formats can be accomplished from the Graph Editor. The axis variable can be changed to produce another graph using the Graph Editor. Automatic and Mouse Interactive animation are available for three-dimensional graphs. GIF, TIFF, PNG & PS files can be exported. Zoom In & Out feature with selection Zoom and Step Zoom and moving in the graph by holding and dragging the graph using mouse are new features. You can set error bars and draw anchor bars interactively. Polyline, Arrow and Circle are new annotation objects from the Graph Editor.

Monte Carlo (Including Markov Chain Monte Carlo)
SYSTAT 11 offers the Mersenne-Twister random number generator, a powerful random number generator with many desirable properties, to facilitate modern bootstrap and Monte Carlo exercises. SYSTAT 11 now provides more Random Sampling, IID Monte Carlo, and Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms to generate random samples from many standard distributions, not-so-standard distributions, and indirectly specified distributions. These features help you to accomplish your simulation tasks and give you computational help to solve your analytically intractable Bayesian problems.

Quality Analysis
SYSTAT 11 provides a comprehensive set of statistical tools to help in all phases of a quality program in an industry --- Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Improvement and Control phases. It provides additional Control Charts and tools like Gauge R & R, Sigma Measurements, Process Capability Analysis, Taguchi's On-Line SPC and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Analysis of Taguchi Loss Functions.

Probability Distributions
SYSTAT's suite of 13 distributions has been expanded to 33 discrete and continuous, univariate and multivariate distributions. Desired number of random samples of the same desired size can be drawn from these 33 distributions. Probability calculations (density, cumulative distribution, inverse cumulative distribution functions) can be done driven by menu with dynamic dialog and graphs. Fitting of distributions can be accomplished in respect of the 28 univariate distributions with chi-square goodness-of-fit tests and Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests; Shapiro-Wilk normality test can be performed for normal, lognormal and logit normal distribution fitting.

New Regression Techniques
• Bayesian Regression provides another paradigm for fitting a multiple linear regression model. The prior distribution for the regression parameters used in this feature is the (multivariate) normal-gamma distribution. Bayes estimates and credible intervals for the regression coefficients are computed. Also, the parameters of the posterior distribution are provided along with plots of prior and posterior densities of the regression coefficients.
• Robust Regression now provides the Least Median of Squares (LMS) regression. Also the Nonlinear Robust Regression procedure has been enhanced with 3 additional weight functions: Ramsay, Andrews, Tukey.

Row Statistics
All the basic statistics and stem-and-leaf plot, including the newly-added P-tiles and N-tiles by seven different methods, are now available for rows as well as for columns.

Hypothesis Testing
Tests for variances, correlations and proportions are now available. These tests as well as the earlier tests for means, are provided with one-sided alternatives also.

Power Analysis
Power analysis computations are now available for one-sided alternatives also.

Multivariate Analysis
The Multivariate Analysis features are now reorganized under one drop-down menu item with the addition of a MANOVA feature incorporating the more-often used test procedures.

Matrix Computations
All matrix operations and computations can now be performed driven by menu.
Mr. Surajit Sanyal , Director, Orient Digital Co Pvt Ltd , who are the sole authorized channel partner of the SYSTAT ranges of products in the Eastern and North - Eastern Region very optimistic about the future of the product and also informed that they are going to hold the same summit here in east also as massive responses are coming through. Further he added, as in academic sector its already proved it metal, we are planning to develop a good reseller network for the region to promote the product in corporate sector.