Improved User Interface and Faster Analysis Speed Improves Workflow Efficiency
Point Richmond, Calif. - May 24, 2004 - Systat Software, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of award-winning scientific software and services, today introduced SYSTAT 11, providing statisticians and professional researchers advanced statistical and graphical capabilities with improved ease-of-use and analytical efficiency.

Originally developed more than 20 years ago by a renowned researcher, statistician and expert on data visualization, SYSTAT is widely recognized by environmental, life and behavioral scientists, medical researchers, engineers and financial analysts as a high-value, integrated desktop statistics and graphics software package with an extensive selection of reliable statistics and high quality interactive graphs that help translate raw data into meaningful discoveries that solve real-world problems.

"Systat has put a tremendous effort into developing version 11," said Pete Raimondi, marine ecologist, University of California at Santa Cruz. "I've compared many statistical software packages, and the reason that I have stayed with SYSTAT over time is because of its excellent combination of hardcore statistics, exploratory graphics, and ease-of-use."

SYSTAT 11 introduces Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms, new Quality Analysis features, new probability distributions with associated probability calculations, new random sampling and fitting distributions procedures, an enhanced regression suite and an improved user interface with advanced interactive graphics features.

"I am enormously impressed by what Systat Software, Inc. has accomplished in this new version. The documentation has been completely revised and updated. The interface has been improved to make SYSTAT faster and easier to use but no less powerful. Most importantly, Systat Software, Inc. has added significant new statistical modules," said Leland Wilkinson, Ph.D., original creator of SYSTAT. "The statistical sophistication of these new modules reflects on the team of Ph.D. and M.S. statisticians guiding the future development of SYSTAT and gives me confidence. I use SYSTAT every day for my own research and I am upgrading to Version 11."

SYSTAT 11 Features:

New Monte Carlo Feature

SYSTAT 11 helps accomplish simulation tasks and Bayesian computations. SYSTAT 11's new Monte Carlo module facilitates statistical simulation exercises---direct random sampling from 33 standard univariate and multivariate, discrete and continuous distributions; indirect sampling by Rejection and Adaptive Rejection Sampling from not-so-standard distributions; Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling from complex, indirectly specified and intractable distributions such as those that arise in typical Bayesian problems.

Streamlined User Interface & Faster Analysis Speed

SYSTAT 11 processes your analysis significantly faster than the previous version. Improved organization and menu customization of related functions streamlines standard statistical workflow processes - making research analysis more efficient.

Improved Graph Customization & Data Visualization

SYSTAT 11's new Interactive Graph Editor provides users with improved graphing customization and ease-of-use: allowing for more graph elements to be customized with fewer key strokes, easier graph customization without editing code or graph regeneration, better visualization capability with easier control of zooming, rotating and moving of graphs. In addition, SYSTAT 11 makes use of Microsoft's 24-bit true color that enables display of over 16M possible colors for cleaner, smoother on-screen graph display.

Enhanced Analysis Tools

SYSTAT 11 provides users with additional charts and tools for advanced quality analysis, including Gauge R & R, Taguchi's On-Line SPC and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Analysis of Taguchi designs. The new menu-driven multivariate analyses enable users to complete Hotelling's T², MANOVA, and other tests for mean vectors, covariance and correlation matrices quickly and efficiently.

Availability information:

SYSTAT 11 software is available for purchase at The software is also offered as an upgrade and a free fully-functional demo version is available for download from the Systat website at:

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