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Bibliothec is a Low Cost, Easy to use  Personal Computer based Library Management  System software suitable for Libraries in Schools, Colleges, Commercial Organizations, Professional bodies etc. Search Module of the software can be used in Network mode for the Premium Version.

Cataloguing This section helps the Librarian to enter Book Information in the database . Extensive edit  facilities are available. Special features for cataloguing  Engineering Codes are available in this section.
Book Search This section offers extensive search options to locate books in the library with  user specified sort criteria.
Circulation This section helps the Librarian to  issue books to the  members and receive the same from them. Facility for automatic generation of Reminder Letters are  availavle in this section. Circulation history of a book can also be traced.
Member This module allows the librarian to add Member Information in the database.
Supplier This module  allows the Librarian to enter supplier Information in the database  and subsequent search
Publisher This section is similar to Supplier Module.
Journal This section deals exclusively with Journals. All the facilities mentioned for books are also available here.

Two versions of the software are available  Bibliothec -  Premium
Bibliothec -  Standard

Windows 98 / 2000 / XP  (Custom / Full Installation)

Processor Clock Speed Minimum 166 MHz
Free Hard Disk Space 500 MB   (min)
RAM  (Memory) 32  MB   (64 MB Preferred)
Monitor SVGA  ( Colour Preferred)
CD  ROM Drive Yes
Printer Optional
Standard Mouse and Keyboard Yes